Steel Building Solutions

1. Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings use acombination of built-up sections, hot rolled sections and cold formed elements which provide the basic steel frame work with achoice of single skin sheeting with added insulation or insulated sandwich panels for roofing and wall cladding. The concept isdesigned to provide a complete building envelope system which is air tight, energy efficient, optimum in weight and cost and,above all, designed to fit user requirements.It can be used to provide mezzanine floors,Canopies, Overhead Cranes, fascia’s etc.They are supplied as a fully finished product along with steel structure, roofing, cladding and building accessories. They require noonsite fabrication or welding – they can simplybe bolted together as per specifications.specifications. It got the advantage of consistent quality control, durability,faster delivery, aesthetic beauty etc. PEB buildings are ideal for Warehouses, offices,Shopping Malls, Metro stations, Schools,Factories etc. PEB’s are most recommended for wide span low rise buildings

2. Space Frames

A Space Frame or Space Structure is a trusslike, light weight rigid structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. Space frames usually utilize amultidirectional span, and are often used to accomplish long spans (up to 100 m) with few supports. Space Frames are excellent inresisting the loads in different angles; due tothe three dimensional inter connectivity of members and continuity of the truss in the three dimensions. To utilize the maximum structural advantage of the space truss technology, continuous members are usedas bottom and top chord members, joined together with the diagonal members.Space Frames are ideal for use in Shopping Malls, Food Court, Transport Terminals, indoor stadiums, Convention centres, Warehouses,factories, Centre Courtyards etc. SpaceFrames are most recommended for largespan structures with minimum columns,Cantilever structures, structures with in builtroof drainage and catwalk, structures with irregular supports or concentrated loads etc.

3. Multi Storied Steel Buildings

The principal structural elements of a typical multi-storey building are the floors,beams, columns and foundations. Minimum foundation is required for a steel building which can be either isolated footings orpile foundations. Columns and beams are fabricated from Hot Rolled Plate sections.Floors can be made by composite Trapezoidal profiled decking sheets. The elements of steelbuilding are prefabricated in the factory undereffective quality control thus enabling a better product. The steel frame construction is more suitable to with stand lateral loads caused bywind or earthquake. Steel buildings have 20 to 30% reduction in construction time relative tosite-intensive construction, depending on the scale of the project. Site management costscan be reduced by 20 to 30%, which can leadto a 3 to 4% saving in terms of overall building cost. Steel construction is less than half the weight of an equivalent concrete structure,which is equivalent to a 30% reduction inoverall foundation loads. Long span steelc onstruction provides more flexible use ofspace, which depends on the function of thebuilding and its future uses.


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